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Cameron Y. Rebigsol
local time: 2024-07-14 01:37 (-07:00 DST)
Cameron Y. Rebigsol (About)
CNPS Member
Interests: Relativity, Cosmological Evolution, Solar system Formation, Human Evolution

Aka Cameron Wong.

Like many retirees, Cameron Rebigsol spends much of his time in continuing activities and studies that he felt interested when he was a youngster but had no chance to put his hands on. They include traveling, ballroom dancing, music, history, social study, evolution, literature, and physics. Usually, jack of many trades ends up with not a single specialty in any trade. In Rebigsol's case, he cannot even say that he has made any sense to himself in any ?trade?, particularly in some topics that he feels he has been so locked out. Among topics that he feels most incompatible in understanding are relativity, evolution, and American democracy. These areas have been monopolized by theories from elites despite inconsistencies and contradictions. Rebigsol feels that new ideas need to be proposed. The few ideas Rebigsol feels earnest in proposing to share are:

  1. Relativity -- Back and forth calculation leads him to believe that this theory only works for situation of zero speed.
  2. Evolution -- All popular theories seem to leave a void in discuss. With this void, modern dominating evolutionists and anthropologists advocate that human beings are all descendants of a ?person? from Africa. Rebigsol feels that basic logic deduction can only discredit this belief in tracing the pedigree of Homo sapiens. Evidence must tell us that our direct primate ancestors started our lineage in water and never completely isolated from water living until this one or two million years (even later for Caucasians' ancestors). African indigenous had no African primate origin; their ancestors were colonists to Africa from non-African world. As to the ancestors of other apes, they started from the treetops not because they originated there, but because they were ?exiled? from the water hometown, where they once shared with our ancestors the same great-grand-ancestors.
  3. American Democracy -- While people believe that democracy is freely practiced in the American society, a new slavery system is underway in the making in America. The force that formulates and pushes forward this new slavery system, while peddling erroneously glamorized low merits, will eventually destroy the great United States of America. The day of devastation should not be too far away unless something can be done. Christians will be seen as the only force that can save America, a Christian country, but they must first unite and set aside the difference between branches and denominations. If they fail to unite, folks, prepare to welcome the Untied States of America.

Rebigsol puts his ideas on these three topics in a book titled Aqua Soil, which also offers a $50,000 award for anyone that can help Rebigsol rescind from believing Relativity as an erroneous theory. Aqua Soil is published by Xlibris in 2009 with ISBN number 978-1-4415-9284-2. Rebigsol has a website, which is: http://www.aquasoil.net/.

Rebigsol also has opinions that are different from those of modern astrophysicists. Mainly, modern astrophysicists believe that our universe begins with the Big Bang. Rebigsol believes that no matter how big the Bang is, once it bangs, its energy contents must be limited by a finite figure.  However, such limitation is not presented in our cosmological observation. Furthermore, if relativity becomes questionable, then concept of light cone should not be there to force people to accept that space and time are dimensions that are created by the Big Bang but have been left over as remnants, not to mention other dimensions that are said created by the same but have collapsed.Of course, if Big Bang is not a reality, then theory concerning how earth is formed should also be reexamined. Rebigsol has presented related ideas in a previous NPA meeting (see titles below) and he plans to publish his ideas in another book in the near future.


  • The Baptism of Fire for the Universe [Versus Big Bang] (1994)
  • The Primordial Marriage [Formation of the Solar System] (1994)
  • Mathematical Invalidity of Relativity (1996)