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Ken H. Seto
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Ken H. Seto (Books)

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by Ken H. Seto

Pages: 191
Year: 1998
ISBN: 0964713616

Websites: www.geocities.com/kn_seto/index.htm

The Physics of Absolute Motion describes a new theory of physics based on the concept of absolute motion. Absolute motion is that motion of an object in a stationary, structured and elastic light-conducting medium. The resulting group of theories is called Model Mechanics. The main features of Model Mechanics are as follows:
  • It offers a realistic origin of the universe.
  • It offers realistic processes for the origin of all visible matters.
  • It explains the cell division and the consciousness processes.
  • It provides a mechanism to unify all the forces of nature.
  • It can be validated experimentally.
  • It gives rise to an Improved Relativity Theory (IRT).
  • It gives rise to a new theory of gravity called Doppler Theory of Gravity.
  • It includes Special Theory of Relativity and General Theory of Relativity as subsets and it is compatible with Quantum Mechanics.
  • It postulates a new repulsive fifth force identified as the CRE force.
  • It explains the charge of a particle.
  • It explains the weird results of all quantum experiments.
  • It explains the structures of atoms.

A new theory of gravity. A new theory of the universe. A new unified theory for all the forces. A comprehensive thought provoking book challenging and explaining our knowledge of the universe. Written in an insightful, witty, and yet authoritative style.

View count: 1
by Ken H. Seto

Pages: 187
Publisher: B & K Publishing House
Year: 1995
ISBN: 0964713608
ISBN: 978-0964713604

A new model to explain our Universe "Model Mechanics" is an excellent book but not for the faint of heart. Ken Seto's genius is infective, persuasive, and provocative. Be prepared to expand (change) what you currently believe is accepted theory. - S. L. Dona, Amazon