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Eight Evidences that Science has Quietly By-passed Special Relativity (SRT) in Thomas Kuhn's Predicted Fashion

Neil E. Munch
Year: 2009
The NPA has always encouraged healthy questioning of existing contradictions of science.  After 15 years,  NPA members can take some pride in our modest part in the following recognitions:

  1. Universal Time (which assumes time passes at the same rate everywhere in the universe) is almost universally used by astronomers.  That quietly contradicts SRT? s presumed ?time dilation?.
  2. Constancy of light speed c relative to its source, has been measured in the laboratory now with impressive accuracy to 8 places, even though those measurements have been at different places relative to any supposed aether.  But those light speeds relative to a moving observer do change contrary to SRT concepts.
  3. There appears to be constancy of speed at light speed  c  relative to the source of each of the wide spectrum of radiation vs wave lengths.  That would seem to be a confirmation of the Bohr model of quantum mechanics -- and a rejection of SRT.
  4. That would also seem to be a confirmation of the Ritz model of light speed which also contradicts SRT.
  5. Once we recognize that  there is constancy of elapsed time of light travel over any fixed length, regardless of observer?s speed,  we can then recognize why Michelson-Morley (MMX) experiments have never consistently measured any interferometer fringe shifts. That contradicts SRT?s time dilation concepts.
  6. This writer has never found anyone who uses SRT because it provides better answers than any competing concepts in rectilinear motion -- but this author would welcome hearing about any tests confirming SRT.
  7. Once SRT and length contraction (LC) of physical lengths are rejected, we find that there is no limit to object speeds.  Scientists might then better explain some of the effects of ?cosmic rays? and the so-called ?Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR).  Those further confirm the errors in SRT.
  8. In fact, super luminal speeds of stars and galaxies have occasionally been seen in astronomy with an amazing array of fabricated explanations, see ?Sky & Telescope? [1], of how such speeds only seem to be super-luminal speeds.   Those diversions needlessly slowed or halted awareness of the superluminal travel of objects and particles. The quiet by-passing of the errors in 20th Century ?Modern Physics? will be as described in Thomas Kuhn in [2]