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What Exactly Are the Problems (If Any) with Special Relativity Theory and Tests

Neil E. Munch
Year: 1997
Keywords: Special Relativity
Many papers which perceive some problem with special relativity theory (SRT) address proposed solutions without working through all details of that problem. Constraints of extant experimental data can be overlooked because, to the author's knowledge, the needed test data has not been assembled in a structured way which is useful for testing proposed corrections. Furthermore, problems tend to hide behind many "faces" and require systematic analysis to uncover their 'root" causes. When surface problems of SRT are studied in-depth, its well-known paradoxes and illogical conclusions are found to arise from a surprising lack of rigor in use and control of assumptions which is masked in turn by inadequate notation. Digging deeper, numerous self-conflicting solutions have resulted, all of which fail to satisfy extant test data. Digging still deeper, we complete the cycle and return to the unfilled need for clearer understanding of the underlying test results, particularly those related to constancy of light speed. That was the initial problem of SRT and may eventually prove to be the 'root' problem. A few aspects of light -speed constancy concerns are reviewed in this paper.

Until the problems of SRT are understood, what is most needed now is NOT better proposed solutions but the thorough investigation, cataloging and analysis of those problems. That's an enormous task, and well deserving of attention by the scientists already at work in this field who, unfortunately may have been part of an establishment which seeks to avoid rather than address the problems.