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The Generated Ether

John-Erik Persson
Year: 2005 Pages: 4
Keywords: Michelson-Morley, special relativity, starlight aberration, Stoke's entrained ether
Many words have been written about Michelson-Morley's measurements as they have been thought to open the way for special relativity. However, a wrong interpretation of starlight aberration is the real opener for Einstein's theory. A new interpretation demonstrating unification with Stoke's entrained ether is given here. It is also explained why gravity has no aberration. The experiencies from the Global Positioning System demonstate a Sagnac effect caused by the receiver's motion in relation to the center of the Earth. This implies an ether dependent of the Earth' translation but not on its rotation. Therefore, we have an ether-wind about a hundred times smaller than Michelson's. This is in agreement with fiber-optic measurements made by R. Wang.