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Are Flaws Due to Shifting Assumptions in Relativity Too Simple to Grasp?

Neil E. Munch
Year: 2000
Keywords: Assumptions, Relativity
There can be little doubt that important assumptions, such as symmetry of length and time variations, shift inappropriately in special relativity (SRT). Such shifts have been obscured by inadequate controls and notation, yet are so important that they likely invalidate both SRT and general relativity (GRT). Six examples are described here showing the extensive nature of assumption shifts and the resultant conflicts. It is true that some particular equations and results are properly tied to their specific subsets of assumptions and therefore valid. Overall, however, self-conflicting results are often commingled in derivations and usage. That produces conclusions which are clearly inappropriate. But authors, having learned of their need, continue to resist introducing the needed assumption controls. Perhaps such practicalities seem too mundane to be seriously considered in this field.