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Five Sets of Experimental Evidence Which Contradict Special Relativity

Neil E. Munch
Year: 2000
Keywords: Experiments, Special Relativity
1) The simplest known experimental evidence is that proper lengths on earth do not reduce to zero when viewed by passing photons at light speed c -- yet that's shown to be required by special relativity (SRT). 2) It is now agreed by at least one establishment physicist (Mermin) that the Michelson-Morley (M-M) tests were inconclusive; yet the presumed null M-M results were an underlying impetus for the acceptance of special relativity (SRT). Also, the recently discovered frequency "locking" of contra-flowing light beams raise questions about M-M test efficacy. 3) Forces such as gravity are known to influence path and speed of light beams which contradicts SRT's second principle of light-speed constancy. In such curved paths, Coriollis and Foucault pendulum effects illustrate that there is a privileged frame in GRT which contradicts SRT's first principle. 4) Observed speeds in astronomy commonly exceed light-speed contradicting SRT. 5) When precise notation is used, it is seen that light speeds vary on a 'moving' frame as measured on the 'stationary' frame. That contradicts current understanding of SR1"s second principle.