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Ten Reasons Why We Need to Continue Discussing Special Relativity?s Flaws

Neil E. Munch
Year: 2006
Keywords: Special Relativity, self-contradictory assumptions
The reasons for special relativity?s flaws, e.g., use of self-contradictory assumptions, are still not understood nor accepted. To the contrary, this author has encountered respected physicists who feel it?s acceptable to shift to assumptions contradicting the derivation assumptions. The resulting errors abound in special relativity, even though they are obvious to anyone who cares to look -- such as its requirement for a moving length to both contract and lengthen at the same instant. As a result, the practical physics world has already bypassed relativity and thereby missed the interested conclusions found when assumptions are held constant. For example, Einstein?s ?train paradox? can be solved only with an aether, as in Doppler?s 1842 solution or Domina Spencer?s general system of coordinates and universal time. Once that solution is verified, we need to find the inappropriate conclusions that came from the flawed special relativity concepts. For example, neither light speeds nor speed of objects are limited to the currently perceived constant value of c -- as supposed by SRT. In addition, we need to consider implications in electrodynamics as well as in astronomy and cosmology. Also, it may be worthwhile for a world-wide committee to evaluate (in a non-adversarial way) how things went so wrong and why relativity?s errors were not discovered or corrected over the past century.