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Conflicts in Special Relativity Resulting from Assumption Shifts

Neil E. Munch
Year: 1999
Five assumptions have been found to shift inappropriately in texts on special relativity (SRT). For example, one such assumption is the use of light to relate lengths and times in ways described in Ein-stein's Second Principle (light-speed constancy). Yet this, and other related assumptions of intervals and symmetry of length and time variations, are dropped and re-assumed at will, producing incompatible results. If light-use and all orientations of c and v are assumed, contraction is required in some orientations and dilation in others. That is contradicted by assumptions of linearity. Linearity presumes a single root for SRT equations, and so is contradicted by the dual roots required by Einstein's Lorentz transformation (E-LT) and optical Doppler equations. Relationships of SRT equations are discussed further in Ref. [2].