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Value of Assumption Controls in Advanced Physics

Neil E. Munch
Year: 2010 Pages: 2
Many theoretical physicists failed in the past to justify (or even mention) some important assumptions during the 19thth and 20th centuries -- even though their results might be significantly influenced by those assumptions. For instance, improper results were repeatedly reached by Michelson & Morley, Einstein, Minkowski, and a host of other scientists and astronomers during much of the 20th century -- because they simply failed to list, check and control assumptions. A few examples of their flaws are discussed briefly below and Ref. [3]. The good news is that such past errors in SRT have finally been recognized by many in the scientific and astronomy communities, and appropriate corrections made. And, the scientific community has already moved on to research into hyper-light speed particles (considered impossible by Einstein) and the many other challenging fields for the brilliant members of NPA and other scientific groups around the world.