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Stokes was Wrong

John-Erik Persson
Year: 2012 Pages: 6
Keywords: Stellar aberration, Michelson and Morley, sagnac effect, pushing gravity, speed of gravity, wave or particle.
This article describes an ether that is not autonomous or entrained in velocity. Instead of entraining the ether a celestial body absorbs a very small amount of ether particles passing through the body. This causes a small net velocity in the average value of all particle velocities. The ether gets a small velocity in direction towards the body. This generated ether-wind follows the body like a shadow and causes gravity. Spherical symmetry means that one body is not decelerated by its own field. However, two bodies disturb the symmetry to each other and are therefore pushed in direction towards each other. The generated ether-wind cause gravity. The ether particles move with the speed c and can also transfer light. The ether particles do not collide with each other and the ether is not a gas but a special state of aggregation. Light contains information that together with the ether can interchange energy with matter. We cannot know if this energy comes from light or from the ether. In this theory light is waves and ether is particles.