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Aether Concept of Gravity

Duncan W. Shaw
Year: 2017

The author has proposed a conceptual model of the cause of gravity. The concept is set out in a trilogy of articles, The Cause of Gravity: A Concept, Flowing Aether: A Concept, and Outflowing Aether.

The three cited articles propose a model of a mechanical cause of gravity. The process is cyclic, much like the rain cycle we experience on Earth. Aether cells evaporate from cosmic bodies, migrate into space, condense into groups (droplets) of cells, and condensed-state aether flows back into cosmic bodies. Inflowing aether exerts ram pressure on the atomic matter of cosmic bodies. Outflowing aether also exerts ram pressure on atomic matter, but to a lesser extent. The net difference is the force of gravity.

The gravity process involves numerous elements that operate in conjunction with each other. This article considers these elements and describes their roles in terms of physical cause and effect.