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Fundamental Errors in Physics

John-Erik Persson
Year: 2018 Pages: 8
Keywords: light, relativity, stellar aberration, ether, gravity, quantization.

This article demonstrates how theoretical physics of today depends on more than 100 years old assumptions and interpretation of experiments, that are made in eror. With the very advanced technology of to day we have tools to correct these mistakes. It is demonstrated that the global positioning system (GPS), its atomic clocks, and advanced measurement systems in the space program can give us the means to reconsider old ideas.

This article illustrates the need for more critical thinking to reveal old fundamental errors.

An ether that is falling towards our planet is suggested, and it is demonstrated, that this ether model can explain more observations than existing physics. Gravity anomalies, gravitation itself and Pioneer anomaly are explained by this theory. An explanation to destructive superposition in light is also given.