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Possible Experiments Simulating Optical Doppler Effects at All Speeds

Neil E. Munch
Year: 2007
There have been a number of papers (c.f. [1]) showing the invalidity of Einstein's Special Relativity, and hence the invalidity of its assertions that light speed c is constant (regardless of source speed) and that speed of objects is limited to light speed c. In this author's prior paper [2], it is assumed that average values of the variable light speeds ci, wave lengths li and wave periodicity Ti may still be useful for practical applications of optical instruments. It is also noted that vast number of Doppler applications , which must be using averaged values of light properties if [2] is correct, provide sufficiently accuracy for practical uses. So, it appears that experimental configurations using gated laser pulses (as short as 80 femto-seconds) as described in [3] might be useful in studying simulated speeds of light waves at both sub-luminal and super-luminal speeds. Such experimental apparatus would avoid the prior needs to adjust components within a fraction of a light wave length (such as in Michelson-Morley type of experiments). If successful, such experiments would permit future inexpensive studies of sub-luminal and super-luminal source speeds in many areas of physics, astronomy and cosmology. [ 1 ] Munch, N.E., ?Consequences ot Relativity's Failure to Control Assumptions?, pp 112-117, and ?Light Wave Discontinuities and their Solutions?, p. 118-124, in Proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance 12th Annual Conference 23-27 May, 2005, Vol. 2, No. 1. [ 2 ] Munch, N.E., ?The Possible Nature of Light Emissions? in NPA's 14th annual conference at UConn-Storrs, May 21-25, 2007. [ 3 ] Munch, N.E., ?Possible Doppler Experiments at Super-Luminal Source Speeds?, p. 89 - 93 in Proceedings of Natural Philosophy Alliance June 923, 2003, in Journal of New Energy, Vol. 7, No. 3.